[csw-users] my.cnf for CSWmysql5

Sonnenberg, Markus lassmichinruhe at rz-amper.de
Tue May 15 11:56:59 CEST 2012


i've just installed CSWmysl5 5.0.96,REV=2012.03.24 on solaris 10/sparc 
and i'm wondering about the missing my.cnf file. i don't even have the 
directory /opt/csw/mysql5.

on a different machine running version 5.0.87 i have everything in the 
usual place. i could copy the my.cnf file from that machine and adapt it 
to the new machine. so my first question would be: what's the base 
directory for version 5.0.96?

basedir         = /opt/csw/mysql5
datadir         = /var/opt/csw/mysql5
port            = 3306


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