[csw-users] CSWsamba -- `SUNW_1.22.7' not found

Jan Holzhueter jh at opencsw.org
Mon Oct 1 14:48:58 CEST 2012

just a quick update:

There is no fix yet sorry,
hope to get it sorted soon.


Am 18.09.12 11:40, schrieb Jan Holzhueter:
> Am 18.09.12 11:33, schrieb Markus Sonnenberg:
>> thanks for the really quick answer. how long will it take for the global
>> fix? i'm in no hurry, just want to know when to check for the new
>> package. in a few days or weeks? oh, and thanks a lot. you guys are
>> doing a really great job.
> The global fix that this does not happen again is in place.
> But the broken packages need to be fixed now.
> The samba package for sparc is fixed. For x86 this might take a few days
> since we have to fix the openldap libs first which for some funny reason
> are broken in the 64bit build.
> Anyway I will keep you posted when a new set of samba packages is released.
> Greetings
> Jan

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