[csw-users] Node.js JavaScript interpreter missing

Lenny Miceli miceli at buffalo.edu
Tue Oct 23 13:53:39 CEST 2012

OK that explains it Jan.  Thanks for the information.  Looking closely 
at the binaries supplied at nodejs.org they are only for x86.  I'll let 
my developers know that Node.js is not an option on sparc.

Thanks Ben, for clarifying that the website shows the i386 catalog.  The 
OpenCSW team may want to consider making that clear in the description 
at the top of the software list web site since it only mentions it's the 
*unstable* branch and not the *i386 unstable* branch.

I know it's probably already been discussed but either on the software 
list page or when you click on the detail link for a piece of software 
(like Node.js) you may want to include the platform(s) available for the 
software.  I'm assuming more than this software is only available on one 
solaris platform but maybe I'm wrong.

Thanks everyone for your help, I'm all set,

On 10/23/2012 2:10 AM, Jan Holzhueter wrote:
> Hi,
> Am 23.10.12 00:24, schrieb Peter Bonivart:
>> On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 11:37 PM, Lenny Miceli <miceli at buffalo.edu> wrote:
>>> Oh, just to see if our developers wanted to play with the unstable version
>>> of Node.js I couldn't find it there either per the following after I
>>> modified pkgutil.conf to point to the unstable catalog:
>>>> sudo pkgutil --catalog
>>> => Fetching new catalog and descriptions
>>> (http://mirror.opencsw.org/opencsw/unstable/sparc/5.10) if available ...
>>> ==> 3669 packages loaded from
>>> /var/opt/csw/pkgutil/catalog.mirror.opencsw.org_opencsw_unstable_sparc_5.10
>>>> sudo pkgutil -a | grep -i node
>>> leafnode             CSWleafnode          1.11.6,REV=2009.04.02 273.0 KB
>>> munin_node           CSWmunin-node        2.0.6,REV=2012.09.02 286.1 KB
>>> muninnode_stub       CSWmuninnode         2.0.6,REV=2012.09.02 2.6 KB
>>> pm_treedagnode       CSWpmtreedagnode     1.06,REV=2010.06.16 47.3 KB
>> Note that you don't have to pipe to grep:
>> # pkgutil -a nodejs
>> common               package              catalog                        size
>> nodejs               CSWnodejs            0.6.18,REV=2012.05.18        2.9 MB
>> It's only there for i386, whether that's a bug or not I don't know but
>> that's why you don't see it.
> It's correct we don't have a sparc build as the v8 engine does not build
> on sparc iirc.
> Greetings
> Jan
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