[csw-users] Mozilla SpiderMonkey JavaScript interpreter binary missing

Lenny Miceli miceli at buffalo.edu
Thu Oct 25 16:46:15 CEST 2012

Hi Everyone,

Since we can't use Node.js since we're running Solaris sparc our 
developers are going to try to use Mozilla's SpiderMonkey.

So I installed libjs1_7_0 from the current repository and it only seems 
to include the library per:

 > pkgutil -L libjs1_7_0

The OpenCSW description says "The Mozilla SpiderMonkey JavaScript 
interpreter and library, libjs.so.1.7.0" so we also would assume that 
the "js" binary would be included.  Does anyone know why the binary is 
not included?  I do understand that the web page only reflects the x86 
unstable branch of packages but I would assume the binary would be 
included for sparc and in the current repository.

BTW, the js binary is mentioned in the Makefile at:

Thanks for any light someone can shed on this,

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