[csw-users] fontconfig fc-cache to Speed Up RRDgraph in Cacti installation on Solaris

Markus Sonnenberg lassmichinruhe at rz-amper.de
Tue Feb 5 22:22:23 CET 2013

Hi Kafui,

thanks for sharing. i followed your instructions and indeed it seems to 
build the graphs a bit faster as usually.



On 2/5/2013 8:48 PM, Kafui Akyea wrote:
> Hi
> I found this out and i believe it might be useful to other folks who are
> trying to install Cacti on Solaris
> and have built their SAMP using packages from OpenCSW. The problem i had
> was with the graphs in Cacti
> being too slow to show up sometimes taking up to 20 seconds. These are
> the steps i took to fix it on my installation
> after much googling.
> 1. Use |fc-cache -f -v| to rebuild the font cache files
>       /opt/csw/bin/fc-cache -f -v
> 2. Change the permissions on the fontconfig folder to make it writeable
>      chmod 777 /var/opt/csw/cache/fontconfig
> after refresh the Cacti page to see if the graphs display faster. If not
> then
> 3. Change the permissions on the cache folder to make it writeable
>       chmod 777 /var/opt/csw/cache
> Hope it helps if you are having the same problem.
> Kafui
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