[csw-users] Problems installing OPENCSW security /opt/csw/bin/cswpki --import fails

David Gargan David.Gargan at mrc.ac.za
Tue Jan 8 14:11:27 CET 2013

Dear Sir,

I am trying to install your fingerprint using  /opt/csw/bin/cswpki --import fails
All i get is as follows:

bash-3.2# /opt/csw/bin/cswpki --import
Do you want to import the key used for: catalog signing 2011-09?
Yes/No: Yes

Skipping the import of the key used for: catalog signing 2011-09

Do you want to import the key used for: legacy catalog verification?
Yes/No: Yes

Skipping the import of the key used for: legacy catalog verification


I have the following installed:
bash-3.2# /opt/csw/bin/pkgutil -c
package                   installed                 catalog
CSWcas-texinfo            1.42,REV=2010.11.26       SAME
CSWcommon                 1.5,REV=2010.12.11        SAME
CSWcswpki                 1.0,REV=2012.07.09        SAME
CSWggettext-data,p,REV=2011.03.15 SAME
CSWgnupg                  1.4.12,REV=2012.01.30     SAME
CSWiconv                  1.14,REV=2011.08.08       SAME
CSWlibbz2-1-0             1.0.6,REV=2011.08.18      SAME
CSWlibcharset1            1.14,REV=2011.08.07       SAME
CSWlibcurl4               7.28.1,REV=2012.12.07     SAME
CSWlibiconv2              1.14,REV=2011.08.07       SAME
CSWlibidn11               1.26,REV=2013.01.01       SAME
CSWlibintl8     ,p,REV=2011.03.15 SAME
CSWliblber2-4-2           2.4.32,REV=2012.11.05     SAME
CSWlibldap-r2-4-2         2.4.32,REV=2012.11.05     SAME
CSWlibldap2-4-2           2.4.32,REV=2012.11.05     SAME
CSWlibncurses5            5.9,REV=2011.11.21        SAME
CSWlibreadline6           6.2,REV=2011.07.02        SAME
CSWlibsasl2-2             2.1.25,REV=2012.05.06     SAME
CSWlibssl1-0-0            1.0.1c,REV=2012.05.12     SAME
CSWlibz1                  1.2.7,REV=2012.06.14      SAME
CSWoldaprt                2.4.32,REV=2012.11.10     SAME
CSWpkgutil                2.6.5,REV=2012.08.15      SAME
CSWterminfo               5.9,REV=2011.11.21        SAME

Her is my environmemt:

bash-3.2# echo $PATH

Could you please help me sort this out.

Best regards,

Daivd Gargan

IT Specialist Networks and Servers
Information Technology Services Division
Medical Reseach Council
P.O.Box 19070, Tygerberg, 7505, South Africa
Phone 021 9380662
cell: 0824660594
fax 021 9380526
mailto:david.gargan at mrc.ac.za

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