[csw-users] Problems with new intallation of Mysql5

David Gargan David.Gargan at mrc.ac.za
Fri Jan 18 15:36:59 CET 2013

Dear Sir,

I have just installed the following modules:

bash-3.2# pkgutil -c | grep mysql
gpg: Signature made Tue Jan 15 07:46:28 2013 SAST using DSA key ID 9306CC77
gpg: Good signature from "OpenCSW catalog signing <board at opencsw.org>"
CSWlibmysqlclient18       5.5.29,REV=2012.12.26     SAME
CSWmysql5                 5.5.29,REV=2012.12.26     SAME
CSWmysql5client           5.5.29,REV=2012.12.26     SAME
CSWphp5-mysql             5.3.15,REV=2012.07.25     SAME

I am battling to get mysql5 running.
As far as I can tell you are supposed to go to the installation directory of the package which is /opt/csw .
The you run /etc/opt/csw/init.d/cswmysql5
I get the following
bash-3.2# /etc/opt/csw/init.d/cswmysql5 status
ERROR! MySQL is not running
bash-3.2# /etc/opt/csw/init.d/cswmysql5 start
Starting MySQL
. ERROR! The server quit without updating PID file (/var/opt/csw/mysql5/ctn-wmt-10.pid).

Could you please give me some advice on how to go about setting up this installation.

Best regards,

Daivd Gargan

IT Specialist Networks and Servers
Information Technology Services Division
Medical Reseach Council
P.O.Box 19070, Tygerberg, 7505, South Africa
Phone 021 9380662
cell: 0824660594
fax 021 9380526
mailto:david.gargan at mrc.ac.za

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