[csw-users] Munin if_eth0 error on OI

Brogyányi József brogyi at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 18:59:54 CET 2013

First of all I'd like to thank the pkg.I spent a lot time with the 
So I attached a picture and you can see the date is frozen and nothing 
to drawing.I tried to change the eth0 to rge0.
With rge0 no picture at all.

> Hi Brogyi,
> On 30.01.2013, at 08:57, Brogyányi József wrote:
>> I installed the Munin on Openindiana but the if_eth0 plugins doesn't work.Are you know any trick for start it?
>> I think the situation same as on the  Solaris .
> what exactly is not working? On my Solaris boxes it works fine (as far as I see).
> (you can email directly - I saw you wrote me an email before, but I was offline for several days).
> Regards,
> Juergen

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