[csw-users] CSW on an Oracle ZFS Server (7320)

İhsan Doğan ihsan at opencsw.org
Tue Jul 2 16:02:46 CEST 2013


Am 01.07.2013 22:36, schrieb Forrest Aldrich:

> We purchased two Oracle ZFS 7320 servers recently.    To my surprise,
> these systems are designed to be closed and not meant for general
> shell-level interaction.   For example, / is mounted read-only -- but
> because it's a ZFS filesystem, that flag is easily overridden.
> I wanted to install some basic command-line utilities for use here.  
> Turns out, Oracle doesn't include some basic /usr/bin commands like "vi"
> and "rsync".

At work we're using the ZFS appliances on a big scale. As it's
documented in the manual, you are not suppossed to work on the OS shell,
it's view only. If you do not want to loose your support, you better
don't mess around on the shell.

Keep also in mind, that your changes might not survive an OS upgrade and
might make the system unstable.


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