[csw-users] MySQL 5.6 binaries available

Laurent Blume laurent at opencsw.org
Thu Jun 27 13:48:47 CEST 2013

Hello people,

I've pushed packages of MySQL 5.6.12 to experimental:


3 points of interest:
   * drop of Solaris 9 support
   * use of stlport4
   * libmysql name collision

It's built with a similar recipe to 5.5, with some adjustments where 
needed, and still following cues from the offical build.
One major difference is that the build system now defaults to using 
stlport4 on Solaris.
What that directly implies: I dropped Solaris 9 support, because 
CSWstlport is not available there at the time. I've not looked if it's 
possible to bring it, so anybody still interested should definitely 
speak up.

That use of stlport also could imply binary incompatibility with builds 
of C++ code not also using it (both GCC or Studio).
At this point, the only thing directly depending on libstlport.so.1 I've 
noticed are plugin/validate_password.so and the execs in bin/ and sbin/, 
so I'm reasonably certain it should not be a problem for libmysql things.
At this point, it's still added by the mysql_config script when building 
against it, so keep that in mind. I will probably remove it in future 

Another potential issue is that libmysqlclient*.so have the same name as 
with 5.5. That's one main reason I've not pushed it to unstable. I'm 
unsure how to handle the transition (I want to keep libmysql from 5.5 
for the time being, at least until I've made sure the ones from 5.6 are 
really compatible).



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