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Brogyányi József brogyi at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 19:24:25 CET 2013

On the Linux the MPlayer much better.For example GNOME MPlayer. I vote 
for MPlayer.


2013.03.03. 7:34 keltezéssel, Jean-Michel Bergeron írta:
> Hi,
> Being an intermediate-level user who have difficulties compiling software
> under Solaris I have some packages requests to do... I think I speak for
> everybody when I say that a package of Videolan VLC Media Player should have
> been done a long time ago... Personally I use Solaris SPARC edition on a Sun
> Blade 2500, so I practically depend on your website regarding what I can and
> can¹t do with my machine that I bought just for the fun of working on
> Solaris SPARC... Most of the dependencies for VLC are already available as
> packages on your website, we could almost say that the only thing not
> available is the graphical user interface to glue everything together... VLC
> version 0.76 was available for a time but it seem to have been phased out...
> The latest version is 2.0.5, I couldn¹t believe nobody with enough knowledge
> wouldn't want to take a few hours to compile it, I really believe it would
> be monstruously appreciated by everybody, personally I don't have enough
> knowledge to do it myself...
> Some others nice packages would be the Bochs x86 emulator, the Basilisk II
> Mac68k emulator and some Super Nintendo/Nintendo 8-bits emulators to play
> games, many of them are already available for Uni*...
> Thanks for reading this and have a nice day
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