[csw-users] openldap and bdb

Gerard Henry ghenry at cmi.univ-mrs.fr
Mon May 13 11:18:15 CEST 2013

hello all,
i'm on solaris 10 sparc. Installing the latest CSWopenldap 
(2.4.32,REV=2012.11.05) , i got this error:
[ May 13 11:00:26 Executing start method 
("/var/opt/csw/svc/method/svc-cswopenldap start") ]
Starting openldap-slapd:                                    Unrecognized 
database type (bdb)

searching on the Net, it seems related to a bdb module. In 
/etc/opt/csw/openldap/slapd.conf, lines with bdb are commented:
# Load dynamic backend modules:
# modulepath    /opt/csw/libexec/sparcv9/openldap
# moduleload    back_bdb.la
# moduleload    back_hdb.la
# moduleload    back_ldap.la

do i have to comment out? or do i miss something?

thanks in advance for help,


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