Installation of <CSWcacertificates> partially failed

Glen Gunselman ggunselm at
Thu Oct 24 00:08:15 CEST 2013

Anyone able to install CSWcacertificates from

I seem to be stuck with the following:

=> Installing CSWcacertificates-20120511,REV=2012.05.11 (2/9) ...

Processing package instance <CSWcacertificates> from </var/opt/csw/pkgutil/packages/cacertificates-20120511,REV=2012.05.11-SunOS5.9-all-CSW.pkg>

cacertificates - CA certificates(all) 20120511,REV=2012.05.11 packaged for CSW by Yann Rouillard
Using </.alt.s10u10OpenCSW> as the package base directory.
## Processing package information.
## Processing system information.
WARNING: /opt/csw/etc/ssl/certs <no longer a directory>
   3 package pathnames are already properly installed.
## Verifying package dependencies.
## Verifying disk space requirements.
## Checking for conflicts with packages already installed.
## Checking for setuid/setgid programs.

This package contains scripts which will be executed with super-user
permission during the process of installing this package.

Do you want to continue with the installation of <CSWcacertificates> [y,n,?] y

Installing cacertificates - CA certificates as <CSWcacertificates>

## Installing part 1 of 1.
/.alt.s10u10OpenCSW/opt/csw/etc/ssl/certs <symbolic link>
pkgadd: ERROR: unable to create package object </.alt.s10u10OpenCSW/opt/csw/etc/ssl/certs>.
    file type <s> expected <d> actual
    unable to remove existing directory at </.alt.s10u10OpenCSW/opt/csw/etc/ssl/certs>
[ verifying class <none> ]
[ verifying class <cswmigrateconf> ]
Copying sample config to /.alt.s10u10OpenCSW/etc/opt/csw/ca-certificates.conf

[ verifying class <cswpreserveconf> ]
## Executing postinstall script.
Updating certificates in /etc/opt/csw/ssl/certs...sort: getexecname() failed

Installation of <CSWcacertificates> partially failed.

pkgadd failed with exit code: 2
Exit from pkgutil and fix this issue first (recommended)? ([y],n) y
Exiting pkgutil

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