Solaris 8 packages?

Laurent Blume laurent at
Fri Apr 4 11:00:49 CEST 2014

Le 2014/04/04 10:53 +0200, Matchek a écrit:
> Hi MaS and others,
> Yes, there are Solaris 8 packages in the dublin release, but what
> happens when that release goes away?
> We need to think what to do with Solaris 8 packages. We've got a
> collection on them in the dublin release, but it has finished its time
> as the stable release. Our stable (kiel) does not have any Solaris 8
> packages any more. We don't build anything for Solaris 8*, but at the
> same time there are people who are looking them. Should we create a
> separate archive / directory to host them? (For how long?)
> Maciej
> *) as a project; we don't keep any volunteers from contributing!

Put them on freeze with a big red warning («No updates will be coming 
unless YOU, yes, YOU contribute them»).

But let's be realistic, no updates will be coming, period. All the 
people I've seen stuck with S8 were there because of bad luck, not 
because of their skills at managing it. And their employers are 
cheapskates who don't want to spend *any* resource on those systems, 
either (because else, they would not be running S8, duh.

If there are still people with the required skills that manage S8 (which 
I doubt), they come from a generation that did not contribute, but 
enjoyed wasting their time rebuilding everything from scratch.

In a nutshell: keeping S8 packages will not help OpenCSW grow its list 
of contributors. Keep it frozen, but don't waste time on it.


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