Users screen + su - + screen with terminfo error

Pierre Bernhardt pierre at
Sat Jun 14 15:06:06 CEST 2014


at my non previledged user started from gnome terminal with TERM=xterm I
start a screen session. The TERM chanded to TERM=screen.
Inside the screen session I cannot start a new screen -Um without any

In one of the virt. screens I get su rights by using "su -". TERM=screen.
If I try to open e.g. here a "screen -U" i get following message:

	Cannot find terminfo entry for 'screen'.

Also I cannot use less, vi or others because of unkown terminal type. It
looks like the terminfo from OpenCSW is not used after I open a  fresh
login session.

I think this is not really a bug. It's more like a missing configuration
entry for the profile which should gives the the login the related

Best regards...

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