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Hi Jeremy,

Am 12.09.2014 um 10:15 schrieb at

> Hello,
> I am running under Solaris 9 sparc (SunOS 5.9), and I want to connect to SQL server DB from this Solaris machine and launch commands via perl script.
> I have installed freedts (+ dependencies) :
> freetds-0.82-sol9-sparc-local
> ncurses-5.4-sol9-sparc-local
> readline-5.0-sol9-sparc-local
> libiconv-1.8-sol9-sparc-local

These are from Sunfreeware. You cannot mix packages between SFW and OpenCSW
as there are numerous pathes that would need to be adjusted.

> Then, I would like to install DBD::Sybase perl module via Solaris package also, but I can\'t make it work.
> root at smp01pard /export/home/provisio/adapter/lib/no_used> pkgadd -d pm_dbd_sybase_freetds-1.11,REV\\=2010.11.23-SunOS5.9-sparc-CSW.pkg

Please always use pkgutil to make sure you have the correct dependencies installed.
For details see
You may want to download and install from different machines if you don’t have internet
access as described in "Installing packages en masse“.

> The following packages are available:
>  1  CSWpm-dbd-sybase-freetds     pm_dbd_sybase_freetds - DBD-Sybase: Sybase database driver for the DBI module (Linked against FreeTDS)
>                                  (sparc) 1.11,REV=2010.11.23
> Select package(s) you wish to process (or \'all\' to process
> all packages). (default: all) [?,??,q]:
> Processing package instance <CSWpm-dbd-sybase-freetds> from </export/home/provisio/adapter/lib/no_used/pm_dbd_sybase_freetds-1.11,REV=2010.11.23-SunOS5.9-sparc-CSW.pkg>
> pm_dbd_sybase_freetds - DBD-Sybase: Sybase database driver for the DBI module (Linked against FreeTDS)
> (sparc) 1.11,REV=2010.11.23
> Please see /opt/csw/share/doc/pm_dbd_sybase_freetds/license for license information.
> ## Processing package information.
> ## Processing system information.
> ## Verifying package dependencies.
>    The <CSWalternatives> package \"alternatives - an
>    implementation of linux-style alternatives choice mgr\"
>    is a prerequisite package and should be installed.

This at least is an installtime-requirement. Please remove the CSW-packages before
reinstalling them properly in the correct order.

> My questions:
> Have I to install dependencies (warning above during installation) to make it work ?


> Or Have to compile something as it is XS perl module ? I would like to reject this option we have cc native compiler on this machine for which I can\'t compile any perl module.

No, the idea of OpenCSW is to avoid just that :-)

Best regards

  — Dago

"You don't become great by trying to be great, you become great by wanting to do something,
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