BASH - CVE-2014-6271

Yann Rouillard yann at
Thu Sep 25 09:15:33 CEST 2014


Yes, it is vulnerable.
But bash-4.3.25,REV=2014.09.25 mitigates this security issue, you will find
this package in my experimental repository and it will soon
land in unstable and testing repositories.

However the story is not finished as the current fix doesn't yet solve all
the problems, another CVE has been issued to track the remaining ones:

Expect another update when the new security fix is out.


2014-09-24 23:06 GMT+02:00 upen <upendra.gandhi at>:

> Hello,
> Is the current bash in OpenCSW( 4.3.24,REV=2014.09.07) vulnerable to
> CVE in the subject?
> Thanks,
> Upen
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