AW: updated ruby20/puppet3 packages

Toni Schmidbauer tosmi at
Fri Jan 9 09:58:19 CET 2015

Dvorak Andreas <Andreas.Dvorak at> writes:
> can you please inform when will the puppet3 packages be ready to put
> in the stable branch?

as far as i'm concerned i think they are ready. there are currently no
bug reports open (puppet3, facter, ruby20), but i've got no idea how
many people really tested the new packages.

the only thing that's missing is the push of facter_ruby18 and the
updated puppet (2.7) package to testing.

it's not on the package promotion page, so i'll have to ask on the
maintainers list whats going on.

things i've planned for the near future:

- finally update the puppet3 package to 3.7.3
- build a facter2 package as facter version 1 is not
  going to receive any further updates.

facter2 introduces structured facts, so you are going to need a fairly
updated puppet environment for everything to work out properly.

but you can always stick to facter 1.

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