64 bit apache v2 package for ubbusiness

Uyi Idemudia uoi at buffalo.edu
Fri Jun 5 20:47:45 CEST 2015


Good afternoon. What is the "type" of the smf "config" property group? 
We're bumping up against errors trying to start up apache in 64 bit mode:

 	svcprop: Couldn't find property group `config' for instance `svc:/network/cswapache24:default'

We currently have it set as type, "application":

svc:/network/cswapache24> select cswapache24:default
svc:/network/cswapache24:default> listprop
general                            framework
general/package                    astring  CSWapache24
general/enabled                    boolean  true
restarter_actions                  framework    NONPERSISTENT
restarter_actions/refresh          integer
restarter_actions/maint_off        integer
restarter                          framework    NONPERSISTENT
restarter/logfile                  astring 
restarter/start_pid                count    20743
restarter/start_method_timestamp   time     1433528054.109227000
restarter/start_method_waitstatus  integer  256
restarter/contract                 count
restarter/auxiliary_state          astring  fault_threshold_reached
restarter/next_state               astring  none
restarter/state                    astring  maintenance
restarter/state_timestamp          time     1433528054.117455000
config                             application
config/enable_64bit                boolean  true

Thank you,


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I have uploded a 64bit apache24 version and you can give it a try:

pkgutil -t http://buildfarm.opencsw.org/opencsw/experimental/apache24 -i

The 64bit version will selected:

/usr/sbin/svccfg -s cswapache24 'setprop config/enable_64bit = :boolean

reports are wellcome.

Am 12.05.15 schrieb *Lenny Miceli * <miceli at buffalo.edu>:
> Does anyone know if this was ever done?  I don't find it in the
> package list.
> Thanks,
>   Lenny
> On 08/02/2012 10:37 AM, Lenny Miceli wrote:
> >For my case I need it for Coldfusion v9.  As of that version it only
> >comes in a 64 bit version on Solaris.  So I need a 64 bit apache to
> >place in front of it.
> >
> >Lenny
> >
> >On 08/02/2012 09:56 AM, Peter Bonivart wrote:
> >>On Wed, Aug 1, 2012 at 9:12 PM, Lenny Miceli <miceli at buffalo.edu> wrote:
> >>>Hi Everyone,
> >>>
> >>>Is a 64 bit apache v2 package being considered?  We used to install
> >>>64 bit
> >>>apache v2.2.15 using Blastwave from the harvard mirror.
> >>>
> >>>I don't see a 64 bit apache package in OpenCSW.  It would be a nice
> >>>addition
> >>>to add a 64 bit apache package since Solaris 10 doesn't come with a
> >>>64-bit
> >>>version.
> >>
> >>What's the benefit of a web server being 64-bit if you don't mind me
> >>asking?
> >>
> >>/peter
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