netsnmp snmpwalk (and get) doesn't have libcrypto in the path

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Sun Sep 20 14:27:09 CEST 2015

I guess I wasn't clear about my methodology. I did use pkgutil for the initial load of the package. I did the exact same thing on a Solaris 9 and Solaris 10 server. (The other Solaris 9 was an OS upgrade without a OpenCSW upgrade. Long story.) I found that the Solaris 10 server works just fine while the Solaris 9 server could not use AES encryption. That's when I began a deeper look at the issue. I found that the Solaris 9 snmpwalk command did not have the libcrypt module linked into it. The Sol 10 did. That plainly shows that the same version of netsnmp for the different versions of Solaris were not compiled the same. As I had an urgent need for the snmp commands I began to look at earlier versions. The fact that the older (Solaris 8) version works my operational requirements have been met. My only other option if I could only use pkgutil was to completely remove all OpenCSW packages and configuration files and reload everything. This would have taken a long time and I ran the risk of not saving a critical configuration.

Jesse Carroll

---- "Maciej (Matchek) Bliziński" <maciej at> wrote: 
> 2015-09-19 13:00 GMT+01:00 <jesse.carroll at>:
> > You can download older versions from several of the repositories. When I
> > discovered the initial issue I went looking for these older versions. I
> > unzipped each one and use the Solaris commands 'ldd', 'pkgrm' and 'pkgadd'
> > to test each version. Once I found the most recent version that enable the
> > snmp commands to work I used that one. I had a requirement for the snmp
> > commands.
> When you install packages with pkgadd, you're on your own with the
> issue of dependency
> resolution. I was wondering what method did you use when you first saw the
> problem. If you used pkgutil, then it's a bug in the package. If you did it
> with download/pkgrm/pkgadd, perhaps you missed a dependency.
> --Maciej

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