Unable to authenticate users after Samba update

Laurent Blume laurent at opencsw.org
Wed May 4 11:09:28 CEST 2016

What I should have added:

packages rollback on Solaris sucks. Use a staging server to test and
validate before rolling out to production. That will save a lot (though
sadly, not all) of grief.


Le 2016/05/04 10:45 +0200, Laurent Blume a écrit:
> Hello,
> About versioning: Samba does not maintain version 3.6 anymore. Security
> patches have been released by 3rd parties, and I applied them, but there
> is no, and will not be any more version change. I do not want to start a
> new -patchlevel scheme. So the date implies the change, and that's it.
> The solution here is to move away as fast as possible from Samba 3.6.
> As for the latest update: there was a change of protocol because of a
> security flaw.
> So, *all systems* communicating via CIFS (and that means, *ALL*,
> including Linux, Windows, Android, whatever...), MUST be upgraded
> together, else there will be interoperability issues.
> Has the host with issues been patched?
> Laurent
> Le 2016/05/03 19:36 +0200, David Hollenberg a écrit:
>> I updated CSWSamba from the testing catalog today, on a Solaris 10,
>> Update 10 x86 server.
>> This caused authentication to the host specified in a "wins server"
>> parameter to
>> stop working with "permission denied" errors, whereas prior to the
>> update it was working.
>> I restored the following 2 files from a backup made before the update and
>> file access via Samba started working again:
>>    /opt/csw/sbin/amd64/smbd
>>    /opt/csw/sbin/pentium_pro/smbd
>> Before the update pkgutil showed
>>    CSWsamba                  3.6.25,REV=2016.02.08    
>> 3.6.25,REV=2016.04.17
>> (version number is 3.6.25 for both old and new versions).
>> I'm not a Samba expert.  Can anyone tell me what the problem might be?
>> I don't know what protocol Samba uses to talk to the domain controller
>> specified in the "wins server" parameter.  Could removal of SSL2 be the
>> problem?
>> Dave


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