[HEADSUP] updated puppet3 packages are coming

Toni Schmidbauer tosmi at opencsw.org
Thu Nov 24 18:06:44 CET 2016

dear opencsw-users,

i'm going to upload the following new puppet 3 packages within the next few
hours to unstable:

- puppet3 3.8.7
- facter2 2.4.6
- augeas + libs 1.7.0

please test an let me know if anything breaks.

a short outlook to the future of puppet3 and opencsw:

puppet.com announced that puppet 3 and facter 2 will now longer be
supported by the end of the year.

so i will try to provide a puppet4 agent only package via opencsw and
drop support for running a puppet 4 master on solaris. reason being that
puppet 4 relies on puppetserver which runs within the jvm (using
jruby). imho packaging the puppetserver is to much of a hassle and not
worth the effort.

one problem is that puppet 4 requires facter version 3 which was
rewritten in C++ using the boost libraries. so i also have to update the
opencsw boost stuff. i don't know if this is going to work out because
this is complete new land for me.

if anyone would like to step up and help me updating boost, ruby and the
other requirements for facter:

    GCC 4.8+ or Clang 5.0+ (OSX)
    CMake >= 3.2.2
    Boost C++ Libraries >= 1.54
    yaml-cpp >= 0.5.1
    leatherman >= 0.3.4
    cpp-hocon >= 0.1.0

please feel free to contact me personally or drop an email to the
users list.

thanks for your time

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