Pkg database hungover - How best to fix?

noskcaJ leahciM JACKSON at
Wed Jul 12 23:43:01 CEST 2017

Hi Guys,

CSWcurl, which for years had been installed and regularly updated
on a S10 branded zone on S11.3, complained on an update attempt
last year, that there was a dependency with the global zone and
wouldn't update.  I've been left with no cURL on that S10 zone
ever since.

Recently P2V'd that global zone into a native S11.3 guest zone
on upgraded h/w (and cloned the S10 branded zone over to the
upgraded server).  Point being that, in relation to the S10
branded zone, what was its parent global zone is now just
another sibling non-global zone.  (Hope you're with me so far).

I've just tried, again, to update CSWcurl on the S10 branded
zone, and, as before it complains thus:-

# pkgutil -i CSWcurl
Solving needed dependencies ...
Solving dependency order ...
13 CURRENT packages:
Install 6 NEW packages:
        CSWcurl-7.54.1,REV=2017.06.14 (opencsw/unstable)
        CSWggettext-data-0.19.8,REV=2016.09.08 (opencsw/unstable)
        CSWlibcurl4-7.54.1,REV=2017.06.14 (opencsw/unstable)
        CSWlibidn2-0-0.10,REV=2016.11.07 (opencsw/unstable)
        CSWlibintl9-0.19.8,REV=2016.09.08 (opencsw/unstable)
        CSWlibpsl5-0.14.0,REV=2016.08.21 (opencsw/unstable)
Total size: 1.9 MB
6 packages to fetch. Do you want to continue? ([y],n,auto) auto
Turning on automatic mode as if --yes was passed.
=> Fetching CSWggettext-data-0.19.8,REV=2016.09.08 (1/6) ...
A local copy of CSWlibidn2-0-0.10,REV=2016.11.07 exists and is of matching size.
A local copy of CSWlibpsl5-0.14.0,REV=2016.08.21 exists and is of matching size.
A local copy of CSWlibintl9-0.19.8,REV=2016.09.08 exists and is of matching size.
=> Fetching CSWlibcurl4-7.54.1,REV=2017.06.14 (5/6) ...
=> Fetching CSWcurl-7.54.1,REV=2017.06.14 (6/6) ...

=> Installing CSWggettext-data-0.19.8,REV=2016.09.08 (1/6) ...
pkgadd: ERROR: The package <CSWggettext-data> is currently installed on the system in the
global zone. To install the new instance of this package in the global
zone only, you must specify the -G option. To install the new instance
of this package in all zones you must first remove the existing instance
of this package from the global zone first (via pkgrm) and then install
the new instance of this package in all zones.
pkgadd: ERROR: package <CSWggettext-data> cannot be installed on this system/zone
Exiting pkgutil due to pkgadd error: 1

On the contrary, the package <CSWggettext-data> isn't installed in the
global zone (there aren't any CSW packages installed in the global zone).
OTOH, it is installed in a non-global zone; the non-global zone (NGZ)
that was formerly this zone's parent global zone.

I appreciate that this isn't actually a pkgutil issue, but how should I
go about fixing this?  I'm a bit worried about un-installing all of the
CSW packages in either/both of the S10 branded zone or the S11 NGZ and
then re-installing as some of my packages aren't in the catalogue and
I can't remember from where I obtained them.

TL;DR's forgiven.  Michael.

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