qt4 ver 4.8.5 libqt4-qt3support

Robert A. Schmied uwppp at flash.net
Sat Jul 22 19:10:59 CEST 2017

Peter FELECAN wrote:
> "Robert A. Schmied" <uwppp at flash.net> writes:
>>with respect to a 'respin' i'm thinking the changed configure option for the
>>existing package is either a) deleting the -no-qt3support as the default is
>>-qt3support or b) explicitly adding -qt3support.
>>whether this will be a trivial respin without headache is doubtful, as there
>>must have been a valid reason to override the -qt3support default.  in addition
>>there will probably be a bit of additional gar configuration needed to package
>>up the Qt3Support library, include files and anything else that implement
>>the qt3 support stuff.
> I'm not the initial maintainer of thess packages and I do not
> know the reason behind having inhibited the qt3 support capability.
> Nothing is trivial in building such a massive package set as Qt but I'll
> try to see if it's not a low hanging fruit and a respin will make it fall.

aloha peter

i fully recognize that this effort might be for naught, but do appreciate
the attempt. after looking at the instructions to configure/build qt4 on
my unsupported solaris-10-sparc-gcc and the source/config changes made in
the past by those sharing the effort i decided it might better to ask
opencsw to give it a go and thereby giving more of us solarians the benefit
of a package but mostly to save me a bunch of eyestrain and headache.

if there is anything i can do to help you with this effort please give me a shout.




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