pkgutil failing to install specific version of a package dependency

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I am having an issue with pkgutil when trying to install a package with a specific version of a dependency.
Basically my use case is very simple:

-          I have created two revisions of a package bar:



-          I have created a package foo where I specified in the depend file a dependency to bar-0.1,REV=2017.06.21:

P bar-0.1,REV=2017.06.21 bar - my bar package

-          I try to install foo and I expect to have it install specifically the version 0.1,REV=2017.06.21 of the bar package

It fails and I end up with a very weird output in pkgutil:
$ pkgutil -i -y -D foo
Install 1 NEW packages:
DEBUG:Parsing catalog ... looking for: bar-0.1,REV=2017.06.21-0.1,REV=2017.06.21 (mode 3)
DEBUG: pkg: bar-0.1,REV=2017.06.21-0.1,REV=2017.06.21
DEBUG: vers: 0.1,REV=2017.06.21
DEBUG: tryname: bar-0.1,REV=2017.06.21
DEBUG:Return value: not in catalog
Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /opt/csw/bin/pkgutil line 687.

The issue seems to be that somehow pkgutil ends up looking for my package with two times the version in its name.
I tried to debug to find out why but I could not pinpoint the origin of the problem.
As a workaround, I patched pkgutil to add the following lines in the parse_catalog function to suppress this redundant version token:
# Do we have an embedded version?
my @p       = split /-/, $pkg ;
my $vers    = pop @p;
if(scalar @p > 1) {
    print STDERR "DEBUG: too many version tokens found\n" if $debug;
    @p = $p[0];
my $tryname = join( '-', @p );

My question is, did I made a mistake in the bar dependency definition in the foo package depend file?
The depend documentation<> says that the version should be specified on a new line starting with some whitespace but it did not work in my case (it ended taking the latest revision).
What is the correct way to specify the revision of a package dependency?

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