Curl compiled with libssh2 - for Sparc Solaris 10

Abbott, Mark MAbbott at
Thu Jan 24 14:54:38 CET 2019

Hello Open CSW Team,

Please can you I beg one of you to compile a version of CURL for Solaris Sparc 10 using
libssh2 1.8.0 or later.

The current "unstable" repository version still uses libssh2 v1.4.2 and  unfortunately we
are being restricted by the  MACs/Key Algos & Ciphers for SFTP connectivity next month
and I've only managed to get it working on Fedora at home which has curl built with
1.8.0 libssh2 - so this is the key.

Doesn't matter so much which version of Curl is compiled It just has to be compiled
with 1.8.0 libssh2.

If you could help me here I would be v. v. grateful.



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