cswcourier-imap on openindiana OI-hipster 2020.04: for information

Marc Lobelle marc.lobelle at uclouvain.be
Sat May 23 14:44:44 CEST 2020


I recently installed cswcourier-map from 
https://www.opencsw.org/packages/CSWcourier-imap/ together with 
cswcourier-authlib from 

The gam-server is already included in the OI-Hipster 2020.04 
distribution so it is not useful to download it from opencsw (opencsw 
packages are rather old: 2013 for the two courier packages).

However I had a lot of warnings in syslog telling me that the file 
alteration monitor was not properly configured.

In fact the real problem was that cswcourier-imap is not complete: the 
library to use the file alteration monitor is missing: so, to solve the 
problem one must also install a third package: CSWlibgamin1-0 After 
installing it and stopping and restarting cswcourier-imap, the error 
messages disapear.

I hope this can be useful


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