Subversion 1.14.1

Daniel Sahlberg dsahlberg at
Thu Sep 2 13:26:30 CEST 2021

On 2021-09-02 10:19, Dagobert Michelsen wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> Am 02.09.2021 um 07:22 schrieb Daniel Sahlberg <daniel.l.sahlberg at>:
>> The build seems to work fine for the operations I checked manually.
>> I have also executed the test suite in the subversion source archive. I have had some trouble building the tooling required (a few C programs in the test suite) but I can get most tests to complete and I deem that the failing tests are because of this missing tooling and not because of a problem in the package.
>> There has been a discussion in the Subversion list regarding a decision to, by default, disable storing passwords in plaintext. OpenBSD decided to re-enable plaintext password storage (but having it disabled in the default config), primarily to better support servers with only commandline. Is there any chance you might consider to do the same?
>> It is the following configure option: --enable-plaintext-password-storage
>> And to add /opt/csw/etc/subversion/config:
>> [[[
>> [auth]
>> store-plaintext-passwords=no
>> in /opt/csw/etc/subversion/config
>> ]]]
> Sure, I’ll add the configure option. IMHO this is fine because it sticks to
> previous behaviour. Currently /opt/csw/etc/subversion/config is not part
> of the package. Usually OpenCSW ships default configuration files but this is for historical
> reasons not the case for subversion so I would skip the example.
> My plan is to rebuild subversion now with the extra build option and release
> the version after some testing. After that I’ll give the updated APR and
> 64 bit subversion a try.

Excellent! When you do, let me know what I can do to test. (I'm not so 
experienced on Solaris but I will do my best).

Kind regards


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