[csw-maintainers] Adjusting $(DIRPATHS) for sparse zones support with shared /opt

Philip Brown phil at bolthole.com
Fri Jun 19 01:49:07 CEST 2009

On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 07:30:55PM -0400, Ben Walton wrote:
> Excerpts from Philip Brown's message of Thu Jun 18 13:35:16 -0400 2009:
> > anything in /etc, is by definition, NOT global :-} "global/shared"
> > stuff, is under /opt/csw.  Whether that be because it is NFS-shared,
> > or lofs-shared across zones.
> Ok, but if we're already in the position of straddling shared vs
> non-shared, which presumably sees the nfs/zones people need to make
> arrangements for sharing the things living in /etc already, why not go
> all the way?

you make this "go all the way" statement multiple times, but I dont
understand what you mean by it.

So I will condense and rephrase what i was saying previously:

MOST configs, probably belong in /etc/opt/csw.
However, there are a few configs, that rarely change, and are presumed to
be standardized site-wide.
For those things, there is no harm(and sometimes, an actual benefit) in having
the configs live in /opt/csw/etc.
Things like xpdf configs, and so on, that almost never change, and are
presumed normally identical across all machines at a site.


Furthermore, in the even that a site administrator decides it is important
to hack a local override for the config file, our packages can smoothly and
easily handle it, if deployed in a clean manner.

if /opt/csw/etc/someglobal.conf is usually copied in via our
cswcpsampleconf class action, it will only be copied in or updated, if 
the site has not created something of their own there.

So, if the site admin replaced it, with
/opt/csw/etc/someglobal.conf -> /etc/opt/csw/someglobal.conf

then that symlink would be left along, and what is normally a globally
shared config file, becomes a machine-local config file, for that site

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