[csw-maintainers] Package "swig" in testing

Ben Walton bwalton at opencsw.org
Wed May 20 15:19:39 CEST 2009

Excerpts from John Ellson's message of Wed May 20 09:05:41 -0400 2009:

> I need a little help here.  I don't really understand what this was
> doing in the old swig package (before I commented it out), or if it
> is still needed?
> #post-install: install-swig-doc
> #
> #install-swig-doc:
> #       @mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(docdir)/$(GARNAME)
> #       @cp -R $(WORKSRC)/Doc $(DESTDIR)$(docdir)/$(GARNAME)
> #       @cp -R $(WORKSRC)/Examples $(DESTDIR)$(docdir)/$(GARNAME)
> #       @$(MAKECOOKIE)
> #       $(DONADA)
> If its needed, could someone provide me with the basic code?

I can't say if it's needed or not.  It may be if the `gmake install`
for the package doesn't install docs by default.  You have a few
possible options for this:

1. If there is an alternate Make target built-in to the swig Makefile
   (install-all, install-doc, etc), you could alter the GAR variable
   INSTALL_ARGS to the required target.  This would be the easiest
   option if it's supported by the package.
2. If you can't do 1, you'll likely only need to change the line:
      post-install: ...
      post-install-modulated: ...
   to have that custom code run once per modulation.

> Related to this,  how do I find out what files are installed by a
> package?

The GAR view?  After the merge step, you can look in
.../work/pkgroot/.  Before the merge, but after install, you could
look in .../work/install-$(MODULATION)/.  If the package is installed,
you can use the solaris pkg* commands to query for files owned by the


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