[csw-maintainers] Using a package from current on stable

James Lee james at opencsw.org
Wed Sep 23 15:12:49 CEST 2009

On 23/09/09, 12:44:13, Daniel Pocock <daniel at opencsw.org> wrote regarding 
Re: [csw-maintainers] Using a package from current on stable:

> However, if someone wants to distribute a package through a third party
> download site (e.g. the upstream download page on SF), and they want
> their package to just drop in to stable, is that permitted?

Who's going to stop it?  We are not underworked copyright lawyers.

The OCSW official line is going to be that you distribute the package
as an official CSW package.  A problem is OCSW don't know to support
your package so, e.g., if it needs a particular library (expat.so.0 vs
expat.so.1) you leave yourself exposed to that library being dropped.

To avoid branding issues and potential file clashes you can use
/opt/$YOURNAME and use /opt/csw RPATHs.

> Is there a
> convenient way to build such a package with gar on the build farm?

No.  Build against stable.  Either set up a stable build environment
or force it with the paths, that is use $ELSEWHERE/$STABLE/opt/csw and
set PATH, -I, -L appropriately.


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