[csw-maintainers] /testing Some X11 proto updates

Dagobert Michelsen dam at opencsw.org
Sun Sep 27 23:23:05 CEST 2009

Hi William,

Am 27.09.2009 um 22:11 schrieb William Bonnet:
>> Simply as a way to group them via a common prefix. But honestly, i  
>> don't
>> mind having a shorter one either.
>> We will hit the 20 chars limit with x11proto_ and that in turn will  
>> drag
>> a whole other discussion with it. One that we need to have some time,
>> but maybe not this time.
> So do we agree that :
> For proto packages
> 	We add a x11_ prefix to all proto files
> 	We keep the name of the package unchanged after the prefix
> 	Proto packages that are not named like fooproto, are also unchanged  
> and prefix by x11_
> 	Devel suffix will not be used for these files (even if the contains  
> the same kind of files as _devel packages)
> 	Example : fooproto  -> x11_fooproto
> 		  xbarproto -> x11_xbarproto
> 		  muf       -> x11_muf
> For X11/libs
> 	We don't change anything
> I have commited almost all the proto and libs that were pending on  
> my side. I still have a few options to add to be consistent with  
> Dago's modifications (i am thinking of some extra merge steps). But  
> before doing it i have to release and thus rename a few proto  
> packages.

This sounds like a good solution :-) Feel free to release any proto  
you see

Best regards

   -- Dago

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