[csw-maintainers] Wrong Maintainer: Fwd: [svn] GraphViz upstream update notification

William Bonnet william at wbonnet.net
Mon Feb 1 22:26:40 CET 2010


>  I have received this message in error, and I'm not sure who to contact?
You did the right thing to do. Contact the maintainer list.

> I am the maintainer of "graphviz", but I am not the maintainer of this 
> "GraphViz" perl extension.
> I'm guessing this problem has to do with not recognizing the case 
> differences?
Both packages have the same GARNAME. This should not happen... the bot 
had no way to retrieve the correct package from the package list :( It 
will be modified soon... but i still need a few weeks before i release 
the fix. First i have to finalize a few things on the web site.

Here are the details of the problem :

[william at cyaegha:~/community/opencsw/mgar/pkg]$ grep ^GARNAME 
GARNAME = graphviz

[william at cyaegha:~/community/opencsw/mgar/pkg]$ grep ^GARNAME 
GARNAME = GraphViz

The tests in the bot are not case sensitives.

> Would whoever fixes this please also add a: "In case of problems, 
> contact: real_person at opencsw.org"
> message to the robot email, please?
good suggestion i add it now.

BTW, most of you should have received today one or several notification 
email. I did a reset of the status of notification, and triggered all 
notification (because some svn updates were stuck on the bot side). If 
you have any question, problem, error report, RFE or what ever, please 
ask on the maintainer list.  I'm the cause of all this problems :)

Private email are welcomed, but emails on the list are prefered since if 
you have a question, you are certainly not the only one, and it's better 
to share the answers.


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