[csw-maintainers] freshening up Ganglia packages/need rrdtool

Sebastian Kayser skayser at opencsw.org
Fri Nov 25 12:54:20 CET 2011

* Maciej (Matchek) Blizi??ski <maciej at opencsw.org> wrote:
> 2011/11/25 Daniel Pocock <daniel at opencsw.org>
> >
> > Also, should checkpkg realise that I included an OBSOLETED statement in
> > the Makefile?
> >
> > OBSOLETED_BY_CSWlibconfuse0 += CSWlibconfuse
> Checkpkg only looks at the contents of the actual package.  The
> debugging path would be to pkgtrans the package files produced and see
> if there is in fact a file conflict.

For quick skimming, http://buildfarm.opencsw.org/pkgdb/srv4/ might also
be an option I guess.


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