[csw-maintainers] Inconsistency on package database

Dagobert Michelsen dam at opencsw.org
Thu Feb 23 14:32:08 CET 2012


I just found an ugly inconsistency in the web database: If you look at the
dependencies of the Hobbit package at
you see four dependencies:
  chkconfig	A system tool for maintaining the /etc/rcX.d hierarchy.
  common	Installs some useful standard CSW filesystem symlinks and files
  fping		fping is a ping(1) like program accepting any number of hosts on the command line and producing outp
  pcre		Perl-compatible regular expression tools

When you disassemble the package you see some more:

dam at login [login]:/home/dam/tmp/CSWhobbit/install > more depend 
P CSWcommon      common - common files and dirs for CSW packages
P CSWrrd         rrdtool - Round Robin Database graphing tool
P CSWfping       fping - ping(1) replacement, optimised for scripting.
P CSWoldaprt     openldap_rt - OpenLDAP runtime libraries
P CSWpng         png - library for Portable Network Graphics format (PNG)
P CSWpcre        pcre - Perl-compatible regular expression library
P CSWossl        openssl - The Open Source toolkit for SSL and TLS.
P CSWchkconfig   chkconfig - Tool for maintaining the /etc/rcX.d hierarchy.
P SUNWcsu        Core Solaris, (Usr)
P SUNWcsl        Core Solaris, (Shared Libs)

While the SUNW deps can be safely ignored by the package database the missing
deps to the other packages is really bad: these are obsoleted packages
transformed to _stub which are no longer in the package database.
I think either the display needs to be adjusted to view by what it has been obsoleted
or the stub packages need to be re-added to the database.


Best regards

  -- Dago

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