[csw-maintainers] NMUs, non-maintainer uploads (was: reminder on contributing on recipes)

Yann Rouillard yann at pleiades.fr.eu.org
Tue Apr 9 23:00:48 CEST 2013

> BTW, This is also the way it works in Debian, it does seems to work there.

>  > Of course the last uploader is visible in the changelog and the
> uploader is
> > supposed to have a look at the bugtracker after the NMU, but the
> maintainer
> > doesn't change.
> Debian packages track package's changelog, so you have a more accurate
> view of what was happening.

Yeah definitely, but it should not so complicated for us to do the same
thing (in fact, some maintainers already manually maintain a changelog like
the Debian one).

> > I am rather for reverting back "last uploaded by" to "maintained by" and
> > doing NMU without changing the maintainer, and eventually add the last
> > uploader information somewhere.
> The thing I'm trying to say is that we don't store the information who
> the maintainer is. In practice, we only store information who last
> uploaded it. This is how it works in practice, and this is how we
> should treat information. This leads to imperfections such as the QA
> page listing the last uploader, but it's simply because we don't have
> the information who the long-term owner of the package is (or if there
> is one at all).
> So in my opinion we have the last uploader information available, and
> what we need to do, is adding the maintainer field.

Ok, eventually the result is the same we will have both information. That's
fine for me.

> > So let's agree on the fake maintainer name and the mailing list !
> >     "Orphanage Caretaker team", "Orphaned package", ... ?
> >     orphanage at list.opencsw.org ?
> >    (hmm, I am not very inspired here).
> Maybe even an existing mailing list such as 'devel' or 'pkgrequests'.
> I would be hesitant to set this to 'maintainers' because of spam
> potential (?).

I don't think all maintainers are interested in co-maintaing orphaned
package even in best effort mode, so I agree that it's best not to use

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