Documentation: 4 places and their use

Laurent Blume laurent at
Thu Feb 5 11:07:58 CET 2015

Le 2015/02/05 10:43 +0100, Matchek a écrit:
> Ah, the discussion about words versus their meaning!

Let's not get too deep into Google's hubris at this point :-P

> An easy way to be
> literal is to surround your search terms in quotes, and if you don't
> care about the order, you can quote each search individually, "like"
> "that".

I know that, I was pissed when that replaced the + that was easier.

But sadly, it's just not true anymore. Recently, I noticed that when
searching one of my "" enclosed words in a page result, they're simply
not present. And whatever you do, non alphanumeric characters are always
replaced by spaces and thus ignored.

Conversely, putting a - in front of a word does not guarantee anymore
that it won't appear, apparently.

It's okay, gives me motivation to try out others. And Google's still
good overall, only frustrating in non-consumer-friendly cases.

> With GAR variable reference the problem is that even if you enter "gar
> variable reference" in quotes, the buildfarm host does not appear in
> the results.

I bet that just put some Doubleclick ads on it and it will get higher,


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