[csw-users] Stable version of Evince?

Alessio Cervellin a.cervellin at acm.org
Thu Aug 10 00:03:25 CEST 2006

Aaron Wilson wrote:
> Any plans for a stable version of Evince? I installed Evince today from
> the Unstable branch and it worked. 

packages are automatically migrated from the unstable to the stable tree 
after N months, and only if they do not have open bugs on the mantis bug 
evince 0.5.2 has been released only a few time ago. it actually does not 
have any bug reported, so it's a good candidate to be in the next stable 

> However I had to upgrade my ncurses
> while I was at it and that installed with errors. Subsequently that
> broke gFTP, which I need more than Evince.

are you sure ncurses is the cause of this?
i heard that lately gftp has been broken due to the latest gtk2/glib2 
packages... i'd suggest to remove them and try the ones in stable (till 
they do not get fixed)

> I've completely removed all CSW packages and started from scratch and
> still get the error installing ncurses. Being that I'm a webmaster and
> am constantly uploading I need gFTP to work and to do that I had to
> install from the Stable branch.

imho it has not been a good idea to install everything from scratch from 
unstable right now: there are hectic works in progress during these day 
for the release of the new gnome (check past mailing list posts), so it 
happened that a few packages in unstable are actually "bad" or are 
breaking other packages.... sorry

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