[csw-users] Stable version of Evince?

Aaron Wilson aaron at ernieball.com
Thu Aug 10 01:13:21 CEST 2006

It looks to be gtk2. 

I started installing all the dependency upgrades Evince needed from the
unstable branch. poppler, libcairo, libpango, libatk, glib2, gtk2  The
last of these was gtk2 and that caused gFTP to seg fault.

Uninstalled unstable gtk2 and reinstalled stable gtk2 and gFTP works

I guess I'll just need to be patient and wait for the gtk2 bugs to be
fixed before I can get Evince and gFTP working.

Thanks for the help guys.


On Wed, 2006-08-09 at 15:03, Alessio Cervellin wrote:
> Aaron Wilson wrote:
> > Any plans for a stable version of Evince? I installed Evince today from
> > the Unstable branch and it worked. 
> packages are automatically migrated from the unstable to the stable tree 
> after N months, and only if they do not have open bugs on the mantis bug 
> tracker.
> evince 0.5.2 has been released only a few time ago. it actually does not 
> have any bug reported, so it's a good candidate to be in the next stable 
> tree.
> > However I had to upgrade my ncurses
> > while I was at it and that installed with errors. Subsequently that
> > broke gFTP, which I need more than Evince.
> are you sure ncurses is the cause of this?
> i heard that lately gftp has been broken due to the latest gtk2/glib2 
> packages... i'd suggest to remove them and try the ones in stable (till 
> they do not get fixed)
> > I've completely removed all CSW packages and started from scratch and
> > still get the error installing ncurses. Being that I'm a webmaster and
> > am constantly uploading I need gFTP to work and to do that I had to
> > install from the Stable branch.
> imho it has not been a good idea to install everything from scratch from 
> unstable right now: there are hectic works in progress during these day 
> for the release of the new gnome (check past mailing list posts), so it 
> happened that a few packages in unstable are actually "bad" or are 
> breaking other packages.... sorry
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