[csw-users] Initial Solaris Installation and Blastwave PackageInstallation

Chris Turkel zizban at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 16:29:12 CEST 2007

On 9/11/07, George Wyche <gwyche at io.com> wrote:
> @Tracey
> > That was my other question. Does it make sense to have 2 copies of
> gnome.
> > I'm just trying to understand if it's needed. I come from linux
> background
> > and understand the dependencies situation. I'm pretty new to solaris and
> > would like to know what the proper build procedure for solaris 10 while
> > getting the nice packages from blastwave. Blastwave seems like the only
> > decent place that has the best packages available for Solaris that I am
> > use
> > to using. Thanks.
> >
> > Tracey Flanders
> Well. I have now installed Solaris10 8/07 4 times and I have some advice.
> Get rid of the Solaris packages AFTER you install. Figure out, which I
> haven't done, how to get Solaris OS to embrace the /opt/csw tree.
> #1 build: I did custom and left out Gnome, thinking to use Blastwave. Doh!
> The first time I tried to log in the login screens would not complete...
> Needed Gnome. Don't have it yet. I continued as console root and installed
> my blastwave packages and *tried* to get the PATH to include /opt/csw, et
> cetera, but obviously failed. Login screens acted just the same.
> #2 build: Did upgrade, thinking to pick up Gnome from Sun. Failed. No
> change.
> #3 build: Let Sun have their way... Bog standard install. (Just love the
> UK-ism.) Login worked! Did blastwave packages. FAILED! Out of space! Doh!
> The partitioning was, let us say, inconvenient.
> #4 build: Custom install. Followed Dennis' Solaris10 11/06 install (even
> though I use Sparc). Then (after some internet connectivity issues) loaded
> on blastwave packages. SUCCESS.
> George Wyche

I never read that before, thanks! I just assumed he did a standard install.
That's what I get to assuming.
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