[csw-users] Why support Solaris 8 onwards?

Paul Gress pgress at optonline.net
Sun Sep 16 16:53:19 CEST 2007

James Lee wrote:
> No I don't.  I don't like working on fast systems either (is vi
> at 3GHz with 4 cores any more fun?).  More importantly I don't like
> working on systems that don't need fixing.  In fact I don't really
> like working but you didn't write to talk about work ethics.
> Are you suggesting that Solaris 8 is somehow "really slow" whereas
> Solaris 10 isn't?  Or a "really slow" system with Solaris 8 updated
> to Solaris 10 will no longer be "really slow"?  I think not.
> I'm not against S10 and my new installs have been S10 but for
> existing systems the logic is:
>     Does S8 support all my services?  Yes.
>     Will it cost me money to update existing systems to S10?  Yes.
>     Will I make more money with S10 installed?  No.
> Debate over.
So the way I understand this from viewing all the responses back so far, 
people who use Solaris 8 are only using it with servers, and people 
requesting Solaris 10 compiles use Solaris as a Workstation and desktop 
productivity.  So maybe, Blastwave for Solaris 8 can be reduced to only 
server related tools (CUI) and then we can move forward to start 
utilizing the library base included in Solaris 10.


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