[csw-users] Why support Solaris 8 onwards?

Donal McMullan dmcmullan at mac.com
Wed Sep 19 18:46:18 CEST 2007

On 20 Sep 2007, at 03:50, Stefan Teleman wrote:

> On Wednesday 19 September 2007 12:00, Donal McMullan wrote:
>> If you want to spend your time replacing battle hardened, proven
>> solutions with the shiniest new thing (in other words, fixing
>> things that aren't broken) it's probably because you're too young
>> to appreciate how precious a commodity time is.
> You should not make assumptions either about my age, or my experience.
A careful reader would note that I made neither; I consider ad
hominem attacks to be beneath me :P

> I do not make such about yours, although i would venture a guess, and
> posit that you are a Solaris 8 sysadmin, hanging for dear life on the
> last 280R space heaters in the datacenter.
I'm a developer, and OpenSolaris on x64 is the only variant I have any
experience with. I'm currently running nv_72 on my desktop.

> You seem not to have the time, or interest, in keeping up with the
> evolving demands of your profession. I think you have a problem.
I see.

I think you didn't touch on "fixing things that aren't broken" - the
only substantial point I made - because it's transparently correct.

I don't think it's wrong for Blastwave to drop support for Solaris 8,
because I'm not aware that they owe anybody anything. The reverse is
true, and I'm hugely appreciative of the work they do. I cut my teeth on
Linux, and I'm not sure I'd have made the switch to OpenSolaris
without Blastwave.

So - thanks guys!


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