[csw-users] Why support Solaris 8 onwards?

Ian Dickinson iand at blastwave.org
Fri Sep 21 19:30:33 CEST 2007

Dennis Clarke wrote:
> So, let's tackle one mountain at a time here. What are your thoughts on end
> of phase 1 support ?  31st March 2009 ?

Works for me (and my employer - one of those "dinosaurs" that still has some
legacy Solaris 8 boxes - although migrating to Solaris 10 already).

If we get agreement on a date, we need it writing up unambiguously and publishing.

I for one am happy to continue maintaining packages until then, and migrating
to whatever new build specifications are arrived at for Solaris 10 and above
when the bell rings.

One further issue is:  What's the date for Solaris 9?


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