[csw-buildfarm] request to install packages needed to build emacs

Peter FELECAN pfelecan at acm.org
Wed May 16 10:31:19 CEST 2012

Dagobert Michelsen <dam at opencsw.org> writes:

> Hi Peter,
> Am 15.05.2012 um 16:05 schrieb pfelecan at opencsw.org:
>> Please install the following packages. They are prerequisites to build emacs.
>> CSWlibdbus-glib-dev
>> CSWlibgdk-pixbuf-dev
>> CSWlibgif-dev
>> CSWlibglib2-dev
>> CSWlibgtk2-dev
> Doing this now on unstable10*. The new glib2 is not available on Solaris 9.

This means tha I can provide the new package only on solairs 10, isn't

>> CSWlibicedevel
>> CSWlibsmdevel
>> CSWlibxawdevel
>> CSWx11renderproto
> I noticed you added /opt/csw/X11 to your latest recipe. This location is deprecated. It was
> our attempt to ship updated X11 libraries, but it failed as the new SONAMES are not compatible
> with present accelerated libraries for 3D and other things shipped by Oracle. Do you really
> need something from /opt/csw/X11? It feasible it should be rebuild to be in /opt/csw directly
> if it does not collide with other things. I have not installed these last four as the presence
> is usually bad as it automatically adds dependencies to stuff which should not use it.

Well, without /opt/csw/X11 the Emacs that I can provide is very poor
from the stand point of user interface: limited X11/Athena Widget based,
curses based and, no GTK based one; this is a regression from the
previous package.

Next week I'll try some variations in order to obtain something
acceptable but I cannot guarantee.

If installing these packages introduces a risk for other packaging
activities, can we set up a special, separated, system where I can build
a fully functional Emacs?

Note that I'm not available until the beginning of the next week and I'm
incommunicado[1] until then.

[1] the beautifully agglutinated "érintkezésilehetőségnélküli" is the
    Hungarian equivalent...
mailto:pfelecan at acm.org

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