Catalog auto-integration is stuck

Maciej (Matchek) Bliziński via buildfarm buildfarm at
Tue Nov 25 17:02:23 CET 2014

It will likely get stuck and/or crash. I think I recompiled it on our test
hosts the last time.

A ter, 25/11/2014, 15:41, Jan Holzhueter <jh at> escreveu:

> Am 25.11.14 um 16:02 schrieb Maciej (Matchek) Bliziński via buildfarm:
> > Right, we might need to recompile thus binary with the older gccgo
> > compiler. Do we have it installed anywhere?
> >
> I installed libgo.5 we will see if it runs tonight.
> otherwise yes we probably need to recompile I guess. Don't know though
> if we have it installed.
> Greetings
> Jan
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