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Yeah, I know there's GNU tools in /opt/csw/{bin,gnu}.
I couldn't build a ruby which can use gem because openssl in /usr/lib
is too old and the one in /opt/csw/lib cause SEGV.
Finally I build my own openssl and it works.
Now 10x and 10s are on

The public_html is generated by our CI tool.
I'm uploading the content to Azure Storage.


2015-04-01 6:04 GMT+09:00 Dagobert Michelsen <dam at>:
> Hi,
>> Am 31.03.2015 um 19:38 schrieb NARUSE, Yui <naruse at>:
>> 2015-03-30 6:07 GMT+09:00 Dagobert Michelsen <dam at>:
>>> BTW, I noticed that you are already building on unstable10x, do you also plan to
>>> attach unstable10s and the Solaris 11 machines?
>> I set up 11x and 11s.
>> unstable10s is still under construction but will be available in the future.
> Excellent, regarding this error:
>   checking if make is GNU make... ./configure: line 21753: make: command not found
> We have the GNU tools compiled in /opt/csw with a g-prefix, so GNU make is gmake.
> To access the GNU tools with their native names you can use /opt/csw/gnu early
> in your PATH. If I can assist in portability issues just let me know.
> I also noticed there is a public_html somewhere deep in your directory. You can
> access ~rubyci/public_html via
> if needed.
> Best regards
>   -- Dago
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> and then doing it so hard that you become great in the process." - xkcd #896

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