Buildfarm offer for Solaris

Francesco Chemolli via buildfarm buildfarm at
Tue Jun 2 18:02:16 CEST 2015

>> I was confused because there was „OpenSolaris“ in the title and our
>> buildfarm versions are only the „closed“ ones.
> How is it going? Can I help on anything?

  sorry for not coming back to you, I've been traveling a bit (and
I'll be traveling more in the next couple of weeks), so it's been slow
Unfortunately bzr seems to have problems (at least on unstable11x).
Maybe I need to set some environment variable or something, I'm not
If you have the time, could you maybe check? The command which needs
to succeed is "http_proxy=http://proxy:3128/
https_proxy=http://proxy:3128 bzr co"



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