new gnustep-make packages

Riccardo Mottola via buildfarm buildfarm at
Wed Nov 25 10:04:29 CET 2015


Dagobert Michelsen wrote:
> Hi Riccardo,
> Am 24.09.2015 um 23:34 schrieb Riccardo Mottola via buildfarm <buildfarm at>:
>> could you install the updated gnustep-make packages?
>> gnustep_make-2.6.7,REV=2015.09.24-SunOS5.10-i386-CSW.pkg.gz
>> gnustep_make-2.6.7,REV=2015.09.24-SunOS5.10-sparc-CSW.pkg.gz
>> gnustep_make-2.6.7,REV=2015.09.24-SunOS5.9-i386-CSW.pkg.gz
>> gnustep_make-2.6.7,REV=2015.09.24-SunOS5.9-sparc-CSW.pkg.gz
> Done.

Thanks! This also means I thought they were in and I was re-building 
gnustep-base with the old make!

Did I use the wrong mail?

Sadly I'm stuck with gnustep-base because I can't get an update on 
solaris 9 I would prefer to have (GnuTLS). I hope to have more time to 
look at it next week.


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