Texinfo on OpenCSW build farm

Dagobert Michelsen dam at opencsw.org
Sat Dec 1 21:37:17 CET 2018

Hi Gavin,

Am 01.12.2018 um 21:02 schrieb Gavin Smith <gavinsmith0123 at gmail.com>:
> Hello Dago, not sure if you are still running the OpenCSW build farm.

Sure, who else should do it? ;-)

> It has been useful for testing Texinfo.  Texinfo has moved to git for 
> its development from svn, so the build farm would have to be updated.
> https://buildfarm.opencsw.org/buildbot/waterfall?category=texinfo
> The repository can be cloned anonymously with
> git clone https://git.savannah.gnu.org/git/texinfo.git
> The web page with instructions is at 
> https://savannah.gnu.org/git/?group=texinfo.

I reconfigured buildbot to listen to the github account and also clone from there
for building. The machine is a bit slow at the moment due to a rebuild from a disk
failure, the builds are running now and you can have a look in probably an hour or so.

Best regards

  — Dago

"You don't become great by trying to be great, you become great by wanting to do something,
and then doing it so hard that you become great in the process." - xkcd #896

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