[csw-dev] Multi-ISA GAR

Dagobert Michelsen dam at blastwave.org
Tue Mar 25 22:00:44 CET 2008

Hi Yann,

Am 24.03.2008 um 22:53 schrieb Yann Rouillard:
> Dagobert Michelsen a écrit :
>>>     I added a new INSTALL_EXTRA_ISA_SCRIPTS to allow to redefine  
>>> the target
>>> used: see http://svn.blastwave.org/trac/changeset/1994
>> This is a good solution for openssl, but I don't believe
>> that there are any more packages built in the same way
>> (correct me if I'm wrong on this). I think it would be better
>> to solve this with
> Well, I definitely think there are other packages like openssl,  
> don't underestimate the imagination of developpers, althought it  
> shouldn't be the majority.

After some more thinking I think this would be a good idea:
- configure for each ISA to the same standard locations
   (e. g. bindir without $ISA suffix)
- install each ISA to a different, ISA-specific tree
- user-settable scripts allow merging of these trees
   verbatim, select specific binaries or move them to
   $ISA subdirs

I'll may have some time next week to prepare something.

>>>     - I would like to be able to not use the automatic prototype  
>>> generation
>>> but I didn't see a way to disable your new automatic prototype
>>> generation. Could you add this option ?
>> This should work out-of-the-box. If the prototype is defined
>> in DISTFILES it shouldn't get overridden, so existing Makefiles
>> shouldn't break. Generally dynamic prototypes don't need adjustment
>> on version updates, so if there is anything missing which you need to
>> use them let me know what is missing and we may find a general  
>> solution.
> The prototype are parts of DISTFILES, have a look at http:// 
> svn.blastwave.org/trac/browser/csw/branches/dam/automatic-multiarch- 
> compile/lib/openssl/Makefile
> They are arch suffixed, maybe that's not correctly handled.

The dependencies in gar.pkg.mk were too strict, so
your files got overwritten each time after install. This
should be fixed in r2023:

>>>     - I still have a problem building openssl, the first time I  
>>> try to build the package target after a "gmake clean", I have the  
>>> following error:
>>>     gmake: *** No rule to make target `package-CSWossl', needed  
>>> by `package'.  Stop.
>>>     If retry "gmake package" after this error, it works.
>>>     You'll find the debug log of the first gmake call in my home:  
>>> ~yann/gmake_package.debug.log
>>>     You'll find my automatic-multiarch-compile build tree on ra:  
>>> ~yann/csw2/automatic-multiarch-compile/
>> This seems to be the same issue: dynamic prototypes. I'll make
>> a test environment with your openssl-Makefile and try to reproduce
>> this.
> Thanks.

I couldn't verify this although I copied your tree. Please
check again with r2023. If the error is still there I see
what I can do on your tree directly.

Best regards

   -- Dago

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